When the Soviet ambassador started looking for a new embassy, he couldn't have known it would take decades. This episode looks at the various games ea...View Details

A current events episode. How does a global crisis reveal even more clearly the new Cold War with Communist China? Let's explore it together, shall we...View Details

Not Quite "Science and the CIA," but definitely a sequel to those last couple of episodes, this show deals with a subproject of MKULTRA called "Magic ...View Details

In this very special episode, we'll look at the very real world examples of times that biological weapons have slipped the grip of their government ha...View Details

This episode delves into the origin and realities of the sometimes mundane (and sometimes insane) world of MKULTRA and particularly its most lurid epi...View Details

In 1953, a CIA experiment with LSD triggered deep depression in a Department of Defense biochemist. Dr. Frank Olson committed suicide - or was murdere...View Details

Fearmonger Fridays brings a little information and sanity to the recent events in the Persian Gulf, reminding everyone that it's not as bad as they ma...View Details

In the years since the Cuban Missile Crisis, new facts have been revealed that shed light on just how close the crisis came to spiraling out of contro...View Details

The most dangerous day of the Cuban Missile Crisis was also its last day. There was no cooling-off period. It was going to burn out, or it was going t...View Details

In this episode, we focus on the days leading up to the climax of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the second Tuesday through Friday. These days include the ...View Details

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