A listener question leads to a discussion on what Russia was up to a couple of weeks ago when a new cruise missile exploded...with radioactive implica...View Details

What does the wreck of the titanic have to do with the loss of two U.S. nuclear submarines? This episode tells the story of the four submarine disaste...View Details

In this timely news-based episode we will look at some of the trouble in the Persian Gulf, and a history of tanker trouble in the Strait of Hormuz. Al...View Details

The third installment of this journey into the Arctic with the U.S. Army in the 1950s. This time, we take a trip onto the icecap with fully equipped c...View Details

In this second episode of the series, "Cold War on Ice," we will go under the Greenland Icecap and explore the Army's snowbase Century and its bid for...View Details

This is the first episode in a series that will delve into the role that the far north played in the Cold War. This episode deals with Operation Bluej...View Details

Some interesting Cold War related stories that came across my desk this week. Some scary and some strange, but I hope all will be thought provoking an...View Details

On this anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, what begins as a film review becomes something more, as we delve into the relationship between Ukraine ...View Details

In this final episode of the "Otters of Amchitka" series, see how the Alaskan nuclear testing series, the ecological movement, the antinuclear movemen...View Details

The Otters of Amchitka Part Two reveals the birth of the environmental movement and all of the conflicting international forces. 

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