Recently uncovered documents reveal how close the 1958 Taiwan Crisis came to going nuclear. Important context to have in the current world.

An interview with author Ann Hagedorn about an early Cold War espionage ring and the American-born spy who escaped to the Soviet Union--but only after...View Details

In this episode we'll look at the most serious mishaps at NORAD during the most tense days of the War Scare years and compare the very similar crisis ...View Details

A techno-thriller, exploring the technological background of many of the nuclear near misses and close calls of the Cold War. Inferior computer system...View Details

Could it have been that the most dangerous year of the Great War Scare wasn't 1983 with Able Archer, but 1984, when the danger receded into the mechan...View Details

In part three of the 1983 series, we go deeper into what Exercise Able Archer actually was and why it scared the Soviet Union. After all this, was the...View Details

The second part of the series on the Great War Scare goes into even more incidents and accidents that heightened tensions in advance of the events of ...View Details

We explore the 1981-83 nuclear war scare, what caused it, and what almost set the missiles flying during the Able Archer 83 exercise. This episode off...View Details

The stories we tell about ourselves are all fiction. Especially when you are the god-king of a cult of personality. Doing research on a few interestin...View Details

Doomtown. Ah, my home address. This time, we look at the rise and fall of civil defense in the United States, with all of the virtual nuclear wars at ...View Details

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